Employee State Insurance Act, 1948, provides certain benefits to the  employees in times of sickness, maternity and also in cases of  employment injury. The Employee State Insurance Corporation has decided to increase the monthly wages to INR 21000/- and this amendment will thus be implemented from October, 2016. For the organized sector employees, ESI Scheme is a social security scheme. This scheme however provides certain benefits . This article will tell us about the benefits which a user would get under this scheme . Some of the benefits are :

1. Medical benefit- ESI Scheme covers all its insured employees and their dependants from the day when  they enter into an insurable employment. There are however  no restrictions on the treatment expenditure of the insured employee and also  his dependants. This benefit  also extends to the retired and permanently disabled insured persons. However, an annual premium of Rs. 120/- is required  to be paid in order to avail this benefit. The Medical treatment is provided for both the kinds of medicines such as  homeopathy and allopathic . The employees can demand whichever medicine they would prefer. Medical services are thus provided for all the services  free of cost which includes  specialists consultation, free drugs, aids, appliances, ambulance services and many. The respective states are however responsible for providing medical benefits. Employer is entitled for reimbursement of the expenses that are  incurred in cases of accidents.
2. Sickness benefit- Sickness requires medical treatment and it also leads to abstention from work. The benefit from this scheme with regards to scikness is  availed in the form of cash compensation.  The amount that is paid is 70 % of the average daily wages and is  payable for 91 days during 2 consecutive benefit periods. If a worker undergoes sterilization process for a period of  7 days (male) and for 14 days (female), then  full wages are to be  paid to them.
3. Maternity benefit- Pregnant women workers are also eligible for this benefit. This benefit is thus payable for three months and it can however  further be extended for one month on the  medical advice, however, it is subject to contribution for 70 days in a  preceeding year.
4. Disablement benefit- During the  times of employment that are  related to disablement and to death, both disablement benefit as well as family pension are provided respectively . Temporary benefit is thus paid at the rate of 90 % of the  wage which is payable so long as the disability continues.  However depending upon the extent of loss or the earning capacity of the injured person, Permanent disability benefit is paid at the rate of 90 % of wage in the form of monthly payment.
5. Dependant’s benefit- If the employee’s  death occurs due to employment injury of hazards, then  his dependants are eligible for some monthly payment which is paid at the rate of 90 % of the wage.
6. Funeral expenses- An amount of Rs. 10000/- is paid to the person who however  performs last funeral rites of the  insured person.
7. Vocational rehabilitation- In case, an insured person becomes permanently disabled, then  he is provided benefits to undergo VR training at VRS.
However last but not the least , Rajiv Gandhi Shramik Kalyan Yojna was  launched and it provided that in case, an insured person becomes unemployed either due to factory closure or due to retrenchment, then he is entitled for the following three benefits which are :
• Allowance which is equals to 50 % of wages up to one year.
• Medical care for himself and for his family dependants up to the unemployment allowance period.
• Vocational training expenses.

This scheme thus  protects the interest of the  employees and it also ensures them of financial assistance in the times of need.

However if you want more information the below mentioned link would provide you with the same . 

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