ESI Registration set ups the individual records of every employer and its every employee employed for wages identifying them for the purpose of the scheme. The scheme aims to provide social protection to workers in the organized sector and their dependants in any unexpected issues related to health due to an employment injury or occupational disease. The scheme is tailored to provide full medical facilities to insured persons and their dependants, also there are cash benefits provided to compensate for loss of wages or earning capacity in different contingencies.

Here we have described how the medical facilities are provided.

Medical Care set up

A network of ESI Hospitals, ESI dispensaries, diagnostic centres and tie-ups with other medical institutes provide medical care.

The respective State Governments administer the medical care except in Delhi & Noida and Model Hospitals in each State which are run directly by the Corporation.

There are 3 levels of medical care –

1.Primary care: dispensaries & panel clinics

2.Secondary care: diagnostic centers and hospitals

3.Tertiary care(Super specialty care): tie ups with other medical institutes


ESI scheme is providing full medical care to its beneficiaries which include preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative services.ESI scheme provides full care to its beneficiaries including preventive, curative, promotive and rehabilitative services.Full Medical care is provided as per the need of the patient irrespective of the amount of contribution. 


The State Govt. is responsible for delivery and administering medical care. Accordingly the medical care services under ESI scheme in the states is provided by the respective State Government. In Delhi and Noida the medical care services are provided directly by ESI Corporation.


In Delhi :

List of ESI dispensaries can be found here.

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